American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club's Response to the 12/10/09 Today Show Segment
The sensationalist segment that aired on the Today Show, Dec. 10, 2009 , gave a bleak and non-scientific picture of the world of purebred dogs in general and the breeder in specific. Unfortunately, it highlighted the Cavalier in its bias.

Reputable Cavalier breeders the world over acknowledge that, like all purebreds as well as mixed breeds, the Cavalier does have health concerns. But the percentages of dogs affected with various ailments were exaggerated, and the Today interview with the animal "welfare" professor was designed to put breeders in the worst possible light.

It is important to understand that the members of the ACKCSC have pledged themselves in writing to uphold the highest ethical standards and breeding practices. In part, they pledge “…not {to} breed from any Cavalier known to have inheritable, disqualifying, disabling, or potentially disabling health defects.” This would, in most cases, include not breeding too closely so as to risk potential concentration of genes that might predispose to disease of any sort.

Nature is not perfect, and no one can absolutely guarantee that the puppy they sell will not at some point develop a genetic condition that challenges his/her good health. But the great majority of Cavaliers live long and happy lives in caring households. It is not uncommon for many to reach the age of 12-14.

We urge the public to ask the breeder for health records and longevity reports on his bloodlines. Good breeders will be happy to supply you with detailed information. In the meantime, enjoy your Cavaliers!
The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Central Arizona, Inc. is the AKC Licensed Cavalier Specialty Breed Club serving the greater Metropolitan Phoenix Area in Arizona. This area is regionally known as "The Valley of the Sun" due to our warm and sunny climate. Our AKC parent club is the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club.

We are composed of members devoted to the continued betterment of the breed. The focus of our club is public education, breeder education,  sponsoring health clinics, putting on dog shows (one of the main purposes of AKC) and promoting responsible dog ownership. If you own a Cavalier or you are looking for more information about our breed, please contact any officer or board member for assistance.
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